Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flirting with my Husband and a Killer Workout

My husband, Shane, is active duty in the Army.  Last week we PCS'd (Permanent Change of Station) from the DC area to Fort Bragg, NC. . . home of the 82nd Airborne Division.  I did not step foot into a gym for ten days opting to run stairs, take long walks, or just sneak in quick little workouts here and there while I set up my new house (which I happen to love - not always the case with military quarters). 

Shane and I left our three children with visiting grandparents (Ray Dog and GinGin Sugar) and hit one of the numerous gym facilities on Fort Bragg.  It was a perfect way to start off Father's Day with my husband,,, doing something active with the father of my children.  Not only does exercise make you look and feel wonderful,,, working out can be a fun way to flirt and show off your physical capabilities with your mate.  It always seems to reaffirm our attraction to each other! 

Today's workout represented a determined refocus and commitment to habitual exercise! I needed a break.  My muscles craved some rest and my motivation required a bit of rewiring.  Now.... I'm back... and ready to hit it hard!

The workout:

Shane and I challenged ourselves with a deck of cards.  Each card represented a different body part and number of reps.  Here is how we broke down the deck:

Hearts- Pull ups
Diamonds- Push ups  
Spades- Core
Clubs- Shoulders

Sample of what we did:

7 of hearts = 7 pull ups
Queen of diamonds = 10 push ups
King of spades = 10 sets of 10 (or 100 reps) mountain climbers off the wall
5 of clubs = 5 heavy shoulder presses

Get it?  Shuffle the deck and see what you get!  We kept switching up the exercises.  For pull ups we did chin ups, classic, assisted, etc.  Our push ups included diamond, incline, decline, classic, on a medicine ball, etc.  Some of our core exercises included holding planks, off the wall mountain climbers, roman chair leg lifts; with the core work sometimes we multiplied the card number by 10 in order to achieve a good burn.  Our shoulder exercises hit the front, medial and rear part of the deltoids.

Um.... yea.... I'm having a difficult time lifting my arms right now.  Love it!  Give this idea a try sometime.  The variety is limitless, and you can be so creative.  Please share some of your ideas with me!!!


  1. I LOVE this!! Especially the reference to Shane's parents (who happen to be my parents, too) "Ray Dog & Gin Gin Sugar"!!

    Hope you both enjoyed some marital bliss while working out!

    Get those endorphins going!!

    1. Kathleen,
      You got it... endorphins make you feel so good... which does translate into bliss when you're with the man you still flirt with after ten years of marriage and a relationship that has spanned over fifteen!

      Thank you for being my biggest supporter! I hope to show you half of what you've given me :)

  2. Great workout! Might have to try it. Gonna try the one I posted tomorrow. Maybe yours next ;)

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    1. Julie! Thanks for the visit! If you give the workout a try let me know how you changed it up to fit your preferences!

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    1. Thank you for the follow, Dee. I enjoyed visiting your blog :)

  5. That sounds cool! New follower!

    1. Nice to have you Em! Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by!

  6. I better not let my husband see this post. He has been trying to get me in the gym for a good while. The deck of cards sounds cool.

    Visiting from MMM hop. Nice blog.

  7. Maybe you too could do the deck of cards at your house? Could be a cheap, fun, active "date"? Thanks so much for visiting!