Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daily Menu- Example of What I Eat in a Day. . .

In the past two days, multiple sources have requested for me to provide a sample menu of what I typically eat.  Here are two sample menus!

Eating totally clean menu:

Breakfast: Protein pancake made with a small portion of fruit.  This morning I made a chocolate protein pancake with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/8 cup unsweetened almond milk, roughly 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 packet Stevia.  
A green smoothie . . . my favorite vegetable smoothies usually incorporate pineapple and spinach.  I eat a protein source with every meal, so I might have scrambled egg whites or  something I've batched cooked, such as a protein muffins, chicken muffins, mini egg muffins (made with cooked quinoa rather than oats or flour). 
Snack:  1 can pole-caught, low mercury tuna fish (I prefer it packed in olive oil because I don't use mayo), handful of raw walnuts crushed by hand, brown mustard served over a bed of greens or with cucumber slices.
Lunch:  Veggie omelet scramble. . . 2 eggs scrambled with vegetables using coconut oil.
Snack:  This is the time of day I can get into trouble...grazing while I make dinner... so I like to keep ready made snacks around such as:  protein cake balls, protein cookies, mini egg cups, turkey muffins (all of these recipes can be found on my Facebook page Cave Princess).
Dinner:  My dinners consist of 4-5 oz. of meat or eggs and vegetables.  On occasion, I eat quinoa (it is a seed not a grain) which is a very clean carb loaded with protein.

Indulging a bit menu:
Breakfast:  Same as above. 
Snack:  Same as above.  More prone to grazing.
Lunch:  Same as above.  More  prone to grazing.
Snack:  Dark chocolate 70% or greater, Greek frozen yogurt, Fage Greek Yogurt with my favorite chia seed homemade jam.  When I indulge in dairy why Greek?  Frankly, I prefer the taste and texture, but it is also packed with less carbs and more protein! 
Dinner:  Same as above.  Steal bites of my children's dessert.

See a trend?  On my off-days I'm going to indulge in something sweet and steal bites from my family here and there.  I'm not training for anything specific, but I feel better when I eat clean.  Of course I live my life:  eat birthday cake, enjoy dinner with friends, etc.  Last night my family and I went to a huge party honoring one of our military friends.  The event was catered with pasta, garlic bread knots, a chicken dish and salad.  I ate a big plate of salad greens (no dressing) with the chicken on top.  The chicken was breaded and covered in a brown sauce, but I didn't sweat it, because I wanted to enjoy myself with friends, and I wasn't tempted by the pasta and bread.  After dinner I stole a few bites of Brenden's (my son) cannoli!

Now here is my product review!  Every single day I drink about a gallon of water and herbal tea or green tea. Recently, I won a tea giveaway featured by Two Moms a Little Time and a Keyboard

Tiesta Tea

As a huge consumer of herbal tea/green tea I was pleasantly surprised by this fruity, green tea concoction from Tiesta Tea.  First, it smells divine.  I keep it in the cupboard with my tea cups.  Every time I open the cabinet door a lovely smell greets me.  Second, it has a pleasantly full taste that satisfies a little little sugar craving; nothing too sweet just a nice fruity note.  Finally, caffeine can make me jittery, but I am able to drink two cups of this in the morning and early afternoon with no issue!  I will definitely purchase this tea!


  1. I only wish I had your motivation and self control.......

    1. Pick a day,,, a day you're feeling motivated,,, and bake a few protein recipes. Set aside what you feel like eating and freeze the rest! A friend taught me this trick. . . put your chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever is tempting you in the freezer; take ONE out when you have a craving. Force yourself to wait until it thaws. The more time you spend imagining, savoring, anticipating your treat, the less likely you will be to eat it mindlessly.


  2. Ahhh nice job. I'm a new linky follower, feel free to follow back at

    1. Love the corsage idea for baby showers!!! Totally going to remember this!

  3. Thanks for menu, it is really helpful! I made a blogger profile sorry for corny name but it's late and all I could think of. I am excited about the change in our house although I realize it will be gradual! Do you use Agave? I put it on fresh berries w some Fage (Suzanne got me addicted) but I had small scoops. I like weight watcher idea of having things but small portions! I gave K bedtime tea w agave and had no bedtime problems w her! Yay! Keep it coming, I am so excited to try new things and make this transition. Tomorrow will be our first full day and I cant wait to see the results. When I told K about the pantry clean out and showed her the new food she grabbed a box of raisins, loved her quinoa, and wanted soy yogurt for dessert!! So wonderfully surprising!!!

    1. Therapist Mamma,,,, not a bad name! Describes you rather well :) But,,,, it should read Red Hot Therapist Mama! I use Agave mostly for the children. For weight control issues it still spikes the insulin, but I enjoy the taste, appreciate its natural qualities and find it doesn't affect behavior like sugar! When I make the Bs cookies, pancakes, waffles etc. I use almond flour or coconut flour (in place of refined wheat flour) and honey or REAL maple syrup (in place of sugar). I can send you a few of those recipes if ya like! Go Miss K!!! Good girl!!! I bet she looks adorable eating her little quinoa. Can she tolerate goat milk? Delicate little flower trapped in a rough and tumble princess body. You can also try coconut milk, coconut ice cream etc. Keep me updated on everything!!!

  4. Glad that you love the tea! I think Tiesta teas are great and innovative. I am with you on the green tea habit. It is a good habit to have!


    1. Mel,,, I do really look forward to my Tiesta in the morning and am anxious to trying new flavors in the upcoming months :)

  5. New follower - hop on by and do the same!