My first blog award. . . what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for selecting me, Jenny @ Cassandra's Corner. I have been following Jenny's blog for a few weeks after stumbling across her page,and since then have enjoyed a few laughs! You should check her out sometime!

So with this award comes some responsibility. Here are the rules:
#1 Choose 5 up and coming blogs to pass along the Liebster Blog. Each blog must have less than 200 followers.
#2 Show your thanks and appreciation to the blogger that gave you the award by linking back to them.
#3 Share 5 random facts about yourself.
#4 Post the award to your blog.

This is me with my husband!

5 Random Facts About Me

1. On average I have moved every two years of my life. I'm 36 years old today. Do the math. . . that's a lot of new homes!

2. I went to three high schools and five colleges (yet managed to graduate on time)!

3. My Nana passed away when I was a child, but I feel completely connected to her. We're kindred spirits. In my heart, I believe her spirit watches over me.

4. My blog is centered around the philosophy of making the healthiest food and exercise options you can on a daily basis, but I struggle with a wicked sugar addiction! I cannot be trusted with certain sweets in the house (i.e. quality cakes with superior icing, dark chocolate in most forms, chocolate chip cookies). It takes incredible will power for me to avoid them. To challenge myself and beat those cravings, I purchase dark chocolate bars and keep them in the pantry!

5. The pets I adopt/save turn out to be crazy (or maybe my family drives them insane). Jolie (the cat I rescued while living in Korea) was the sweetest, most loving animal imaginable at the shelter but turned into a devil cat upon taking her home. She'd howl at the corners of the walls, scratch people randomly, dive attack . . . Then there was Clancy, the sled dog from Alaska. He escaped daily- while chained to a stake in a fenced-in yard! He'd pull the stake out of the ground, hop a six foot fence, and run down the middle of the road with stake and chain trailing behind him... Now we have Rookie Belle, the Norwich Terrier. She is gaining on two and yet still prefers pooping in the damn house! If you have any suggestions on breaking her of this nasty preference, I'm open to any and all ideas!

*Bonus Fact: If I die tomorrow... I die knowing I did three things right in this life: creating Brenden, Brielle and Bridget. They are my world. Shane, my husband, knows I love him fiercely, but there is something so basic, innate and overpowering about a mother's love for her children!

I try to do product reviews on Friday, but I had to put my review on hold for this post! This week, I'm going to promote 5 blogs in leiu of my favorite product.

Blogs to follow: I'm not sure if all them have less than 200 followers, but I really enjoy these up and coming blogs!!!

Vegetarian Mamma - page dedicated to healthy choices... what's not to love?
3 girls and 1 boy - a fellow military wife with tons of kiddos... gotta show her some love!
Live, Love and Learn with Ms. Mommy HH6 - Household 6 (HH6) is a commander's wife call sign... fellow military wife... in her 30's... so much in common!
Two In Diapers- hilarious... with some good advice along the way!
Strawberry Snails Photography- amazing photos... and a lovely personality... an "old" friend of mine from middle school/high school in the very late eighties/early nineties... what???

Thanks so much for stopping by Cave Princess :)

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